Paper Jams and Malfunctions? Maybe It's Your Choice of Paper

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You depend on your multifunction copiers to get you through the workday, but when your devices aren't performing, a good day can turn into a not-so-great one very quickly.

How Managed Print Balances the Scale in Your Favor

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Managed Print provides more than just convenience; it can be the difference between a lost opportunity or a closed deal, a bottom line that falls in the black or the red. Read on to find out how managed print services can balance the scale in your favor.

Going Paperless Without Giving Paper Up Entirely

going paperless with document management

Are you looking for a way to go paperless without giving up paper entirely? Here are three reasons why multifunction printers are a good way to provide your business with a link between the two for the best of both worlds.

Why Your Small Business Needs a Scanner

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Small businesses are growing, especially among millennials. Recent research discovered that this age group is more enthusiastic than any other about owning their own business, and many respondents said they had plans in the works.

Millennials cite benefits like a better balance of work and life, better control over their career choices, and improved income as the main reasons to start a business.

Why Pay-by-the-Page Agreements Offer a Good ROI


You've been evaluating copiers for weeks and have finally made your choice. You're glad the decision-making process is finally over, and you can just begin enjoying your new equipment.

Understanding the Difference Between Managed Print and Cost Per Copy

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There's a lot of buzz among business leaders about managed print services. As an effective method for reducing costs and improving productivity, it can be one of the best solutions in your business tool box.

Why Savvy Business Leaders Love Multifunction Printers

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Whether you're outfitting a new office space or updating the equipment in an existing one, multifunction printers are a perfect choice. By combining four technologies into one device, business leaders can save money and office space while significantly improving staff productivity. Here are just a few of the benefits.

3 Ways Document Solutions Save Time

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When it comes to resources, most businesses are quick to list the top few: money, consumables (like energy and paper), and manpower. However, one crucial resource that is sometimes underestimated is time. Saving time is saving money, and when you implement document solutions, you're doing both.

4 Questions to Help You Choose Perfect Copiers Every Time


Copiers are pretty straightforward, right? Well, you might think that until you go to buy one. Copiers come in all shapes and sizes, with different combinations of features, different prices, and different groups of target customers in mind. "Perfect copiers" for a little business that only makes a few copies might not be the same as "perfect copiers" for you. Luckily, our experts know what questions you can ask to help choose the right device.

Is Managed Print the Right Fit?

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Managed print services are taking the business world by storm, offering cheap and effective solutions to problems that might otherwise have taken countless hours and lots of stress to sort out. Still, many businesses are left wondering if managed print is the right fit for their unique workflow. Here's how to find out if managed print is right for your company.