What is Document Routing?

Document routing refers to the methods by which you send documents from one person to another in your business for any number of reasons, be it review, approval or simply for reference. Traditionally, document routing in paper based management systems leads to project delays and a much longer turnaround time. By implementing a proper document routing solution in a modern digital document management system, you can take the necessary steps to even further boost efficiency and turnaround time on documents, increasing productivity across the board.

Advanced Business Methods utilizes the latest document routing solutions from eCopy for our clients, offering the most state-of-the-art document solution on the market today!


With eCopy solutions you can make a Canon device be a bridge between paper and digital workflows, seamlessly integrating with other critical business applications. Transform full color or black and white paper documents into electronic images that are easily shared and distributed utilizing network and business applications.

  • Native integration with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes, and LDAP directories.
  • eCopy ShareScan OP (Open Platform) -offers all the functionality of eCopy document distribution and integration solutions inside the MEAP (Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform) device.
  • Manage multiple MEAP devices from one central device.

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