Increased Security

You organization could suffer a lot of unnecessary damage if the wrong people got a hold of private client information and proprietary business information. We can help you increase the security of your business information.

Password-Protect Critical Documents

When documents are scanned into an Electronic Document Management System you can control who accesses the documents. Unlike a paper-based filing cabinet that anyone can access, an electronic system requires users to log in. You also get a log of who has viewed what information. This could provide a helpful audit trail in the case of an information leak or lawsuit.

Encrypt Your Device Hard Drives

When you print or scan documents to a printer or multifunction system that image is temporarily stored on the device’s hard drive. You need to make sure that this information is encrypted so that it is secure. We use the latest security standards in all of our device deployments to maximize the security of your information.

Protect Confidential Print Jobs

Sometimes you need to print a document with sensitive information like a social security number or payroll data. You don’t want to send this job to a network printer or multifunction system and then have someone accidentally pick up this information from the output tray. Private printing holds your confidential print jobs until you enter a PIN at the device.

To learn more about how you could benefit from increased security in your business contact us today.