3 Reasons Business Leaders Choose Managed Print Services


Are you thinking about signing on with a managed print services provider? That's a smart move for your business, and the reasons for a managed print partnership don't end at lower print costs.

More to Gain

Businesses and organizations typically engage the services of a managed print provider to save money on printing costs. In fact, some paper-intensive sectors like the legal and healthcare industries see print-related cost reductions as high as 40% or even more.

Saving money is certainly a good enough reason to give a managed print a try, but we thought you'd like to know about some of the other advantages.

1. Improving Workplace Productivity

Managing a printer fleet is a full-time job, but most organizations lack the dedicated resources to give it the attention it needs for real success. The position often defaults to administrative assistants and IT staff—both of whom have other essential tasks to perform. A managed print services provider takes over the daily management of your printer fleet, including supply and device acquisition, proactive maintenance, and break-fix repairs. The benefits begin with more time for your staff to concentrate on the job at hand and fewer downtimes that interrupt your workflows.

2. Reining in Hidden Costs

With one contact for all print-related purchases and services, ad hoc spending and hidden costs will no longer be an issue for your bottom line. You'll get the supplies and equipment best suited for your requirements, and you won't waste money on inferior products and services.

3. Going Green

A managed print services engagement can help your company make good on its commitment to the environment. By using less paper, toner, and energy, you'll be saving money while doing your part to save the planet.

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