3 Reasons to Upgrade to Multifunction Printers

multifunction printers

Multifunction printers (also called multifunction copiers or all-in-ones) are becoming standard equipment in today's office setting. If you haven't made the switch from single-function devices to high-functioning multifunction printers, here's why you'll want to look into an upgrade soon.

Meet Your New Office Assistant

Can't afford to hire a new assistant? Multifunction printers are almost as good as a new hire, with workflow benefits that are hard to miss.

Four functions in one.

Multifunction printers are engineered to accomplish several tasks at once. With copy, print, scan, and fax available on one device, your employees can accomplish more tasks in less time. True multifunction printers won't make employees wait in a queue before performing a task; they are sophisticated multitasking units that can perform more than one function at a time.

Workflow solutions you'll love.

The scanning capabilities on the latest multifunction printers can transform the way your employees accomplish basic tasks. For example, an employee can scan an incoming invoice and digitally route it directly to the next person in the workflow. Instead of copying and hand delivering a hard copy invoice from one person to the next, multifunction printers use sophisticated document management solutions to accomplish the task in seconds—all without additional printing or copying.

Enhanced security to protect your sensitive information.

Did you know multifunction printers can help you protect your confidential documents? With so much at stake and security threats at an all-time high, the equipment industry has responded with advanced security protocols on multifunction and network printers. If for no other reason than document security, multifunction printers are a valuable investment in your company's future.

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