3 Signs Your Copier Needs Service

copier tech on phone

When copiers need service, it's not always immediately obvious. Just because it hasn't quit working completely and doesn't have smoke rising from it doesn't mean it doesn't need some TLC.

But how do you know when it needs service? Here are a few things to watch for that might indicate it's time for a service call.

It Tells You

If your copier's service indicator comes on, that means something is wrong, even if everything seems okay. We recommend calling a professional when this indicator comes on for two reasons. First, sometimes in-house repairs can make things worse, and ignoring the problem will escalate the issue. Secondly, a service indicator sometimes means that catastropic failure is imminent. While this isn't always -- or even mostly -- the case, it's still worth paying attention to just in case.

Its Performance is Notably Worse

Too often offices just 'make do' with a copier that has dramatically slowed down or worsened in performance. However, this problem can indicate something worse is going on. From long wait times to copy to significant boot times, there are plenty of ways your copier will be asking for help based on it's performance. There's no reason to make do with a faulty copier. Repair can treat the underlying issue and get you back up to speed.

The Output is Low Quality

Poor quality printed or copied documents is another indicator that a service call would be in your best interest. Sometimes blank pages or streaky copies are the evidence. No matter what, call a pro if you're seeing poor quality prints. A service call can get to the root of the problem and get those copies back to looking professional.

At Advanced Business Methods, we can get your copier back on track with a fast and professional service call. Contact us today to learn more!