Are You Paying Too Much to Print?

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You know how much you spend on office space and employee salaries, but do you have a solid number for printing costs? For many organizations, their annual print spend is their third highest operating cost, so it's worth investigating.

Are You Paying Too Much?

In the same way, you wouldn't unknowingly pay extra for rent and labor, careful management of your print environment can keep you from paying too much for printing. Here's how to find out if hidden costs are driving up your print spend and how Managed Print Services addresses the issue.

How many devices are in your fleet?

A bloated print fleet may not seem like a big deal, but over time the costs can add up. Managed print providers analyze your fleet to eliminate redundant devices, high-cost desktop printers, and underutilized equipment. Your newly designed fleet will improve productivity, reduce operating costs, and be a better fit for the needs of your workgroup.

Do you know how many documents your employees print in a day?

There may be clues scattered throughout your office that indicate wasteful printing habits. Some of these include bins full of unclaimed documents, web pages and emails printed in full color, and unnecessary printing of documents that could be routed digitally. Managed print providers monitor your printers to analyze how they're being used. After analyzing the data, they provide solutions to help you set limits, control who prints in color and help employees curtail unnecessary printing.

Are your printers and copiers in top operating condition?

Downtime interrupts your workflows. With managed print's help desk and onsite support solutions, you'll receive fast responses when issues arise. And remote monitoring alerts managed print technicians when your devices aren't operating to the manufacturer's specifications.

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