Are Your Paper Processes Slowing You Down?

digital documents being selected

Which of these processes is causing inefficiencies in your office?

  1. Incoming documents — Each document that shows up in your organization goes through a process to get into the correct workflow or to a specific individual.

For example, when your company brings a new employee on board, HR processes are heavy on documentation. If you're using paper, each document must be created, copied, sorted, and processed for filing. Additionally, the employee may require a personal copy of many of the records relating to not only his role in the company, but benefit enrollment forms, tax forms, and others.

When using electronic document solutions, all records related to the hiring process can be created, shared, signed, and filed digitally. Everything from employee handbooks and training manuals (typically hundreds of pages in length) to W-4 forms can skip the printing process and remain digital throughout their lifecycle. And document management solutions let you know how long to retain each one.

  1. Retrieving saved information — Imagine that the above employee was hired in the 1980s and is now planning retirement. Retirement processes require substantial paperwork, and if you're still using paper, you'll be fortunate to find every dusty document you'll need to verify everything from his original employment date to his ongoing retirement benefits. Finding the right documents to begin the retirement process would take just a few clicks if you had scanned your archived files using digital document management solutions.

  2. Collaboration and approvals — How long does it take to complete a project using your paper-based system? You may have it down to a science after years of experience, but there's still the issue of printing and physically moving documents to the next person in line. Electronic document solutions that include digital collaboration and signatures can turn your weeks-long processes into just a day or two.

Are you ready to get away from costly, slow paper processes? Contact us at ABM to find out how today!