Choosing a New Printer? Here's How to Sort Through the Noise

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Choosing a new printer for your office? Your chances of a bad case of buyer's remorse are pretty high, given how many of us would like to throw our printers into the closest dumpster.

Here's a look at some questions your technology provider will need to help you select the right printers and copiers for your office requirements.

What are your current print volumes?

It may seem obvious, but your print volume is one of the major driving forces behind which type of equipment you should lease or buy. A desktop inkjet printer may be fine for someone who's printing a dozen or so documents a week, and if any of those are photo quality, inkjet may be the preferred option. For high-volume color printing, however, a color digital press is the more practical and affordable choice.

For daily office use, multifunction laser printers are undoubtedly the right choice. Many have fast PPM ratings and volume outputs that can handle high volume, document-intensive workflows.

Would you like to implement digital workflows?

Multifunction printers surpass single-function devices to add copying, scanning and faxing capabilities to their standard printing features. For companies looking at (or already using) electronic document management, multifunction printers can serve as highly productive stations for capturing and routing information.

How much can your budget handle?

Cost is an inevitable factor, and here's where you'll want to pay very close attention. The attractive sticker price on some printers leads unwary consumers to believe they're a good deal. However, when those devices start gobbling up ink and breaking down in the middle of a print job, the cost rises exponentially. Your equipment provider can sort through the noise to help you select multifunction printers with a TCO and lease payment your budget can handle.

Today's multifunction printers are next door to a new office assistant. For help selecting the best one for your needs, contact ABM today!