Choosing the Right Multifunction Printers for Your Team

multifunction printer

Multifunction printers are considered an office essential by many business leaders, and it's easy to see why they've come to that conclusion. Rich with features, multifunction printers improve workflows and provide an essential bridge between paper and digital processes.


With so many leading equipment manufacturers offering state-of-the-art multifunction printers, it's easy to get bewildered before you've even begun your search in earnest. To help cancel out the noise, start by list your must-have features and move forward from there.


The last time you visited your automobile dealership, you had a good idea of what you wanted. If you were looking for an affordable, family-friendly sedan, there was no reason to waste your time looking at 4WD pick-up trucks or sports coupes. The same is true of multifunction printers, and having a good idea of your requirements can help you avoid wasting time looking at devices that won't work for your team. Here are three critical factors to consider.

  1. Speed and volume requirements —Do you know how many documents your team printed last month? Was it a typical month or do you have a busy season where print volumes double or triple? Knowing how many documents you usually print and how fast you need them to be ready is a key consideration.
  2. Scanning requirements —Do you scan multi-page documents and rely on a scanner to get information into a document management system? An automatic document feeder may be essential to your productivity.
  3. Monthly duty cycle —Match the monthly duty cycle to handle your output, with plenty of room left over. You'll get a longer service life from your equipment if you choose wisely in this area.

The right multifunction printers can revolutionize the way your team approaches everyday tasks. Contact Advanced Business Methods for a demonstration today!