Document Management Solutions for the 21st-Century

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Losing a business document is no laughing matter. The consequences range from inconvenience and frustration to tense situations involving the loss of confidential information or documents critical to a business deal. In nearly every situation, your business loses.

Your company needs 21sth-century document solutions designed to meet the needs of an increasingly digital work environment and address the ongoing problem of lost or misfiled information.

Document Management Benefits

Cloud-based document solutions that bypass paper-caused inefficiencies are readily available, and they'll eliminate most of the document-handling problems you're currently facing. Here's a look at the advantages of electronic document management.

1. Centralized document storage: Where are your documents stored now? If you're facing a mix of employee-designed paper filing systems and complex desktop folder hierarchies, you know there are downfalls. Document Management provides a centralized and organized storage repository for all of the files that flow through your business.

2. Faster access to your information: Once every document is regularly flowing to one centralized digital storage repository, accessing information is much faster. During the scanning process, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology extracts information and intelligently organizes your files; accessing them involves simple keyword searches. Instead of wasting hours each week searching for files, your staff can locate needed information in a few moments with just a few clicks.

3. Improved document security: There's no proven solution for safeguarding paper documents and files stored on hard drives are at risk of unauthorized access or loss due to user error or equipment failure. Document Management solutions include rigorous security protocols to keep unauthorized users away from your confidential documents. And if disaster strikes, your business documents will still be available.

Are your current document solutions meeting the needs of your 21st-century business? Get in touch with ABM to find out more about our Document Management Solutions today!