Document Solutions for the Digital Age

document solutions

Today's electronic document solutions can do a lot more than just convert paper documents to digitized versions. At their most basic level, digital document solutions like document management are comprised of three basic functions: capturing, storing, and distributing information.

Here's a snapshot of how most document management solutions work and the benefits they deliver to your day-to-day processes.

1. Capturing information.

Document capture can involve scanning paper documents via a multifunction system or dedicated scanner, but it also includes capturing information that arrives in digital formats like email attachments, reports generated within your organization, incoming purchase orders, invoices, etc. Capturing information goes beyond just saving an image of the document; indexing classifies the information, making it easier to locate later. Some typical document capture solutions include:

  • Manual indexing — Users add metadata terms like customer names, invoice numbers, etc.
  • Optical Character Recognition — OCR software recognizes characters and zones and pulls relevant information from the document.
  • Barcoding — Documents can be stored via a customized barcoding systems.

2. Storing information.

A central storage repository is essential for robust document management and retention. Cloud storage repositories and centralized document management systems give users access to critical documents with anytime/anywhere convenience. Users cite improved collaboration, lower costs, and efficiency gains in every department.

3. Distributing information.

The most effective electronic document solutions give users a reliable method for fast, secure document retrieval and distribution.

The major benefits include:

  • Fast and accurate document retrieval for better internal workflows
  • Improved customer service due to faster access to information
  • Fast and easy document distribution
  • Process and workflow automation
  • Version controls to track changes and maintain original document integrity
  • User permissions to keep unauthorized personnel from accessing confidential documents

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