Document Solutions for a New Era

filing cabinets, man holding files

Are your document solutions on track with the 21st-century, or are you still pushing around paper? Unfortunately, when it comes to conducting business in a digital economy, companies who rely on paper documents may as well be stuck in the 1970s. Take a look at some of the advantages electronic document management solutions could provide for your business.

Store every document in one place.

You may think you have everything in one place, but when was the last time you retrieved a filed paper document in three seconds flat? Aside from the hard copy that's sitting right in front of them, locating filed information takes your employees up to two and a half hours each day, including that desktop filing system they're trying to manage.

Electronic document solutions extract metadata from scanned documents, storing information in a way that makes it simple to find later. Employees conduct keyword searches to locate documents with just a few keystrokes.

When it's more than just a hassle.

When a missing document contains information that can be reconstructed, all you've lost are a few hours of an employee's time. Repeating the missing-document scenario on a daily basis is costing you some serious money, but in a worst-case scenario, missing information could cost you your business.

  • When compliance auditors can't locate required documents, your company could face devastating fines.
  • A missing document could contain confidential client or employee information. The problem then becomes a security issue, and the resulting loss of reputation could ruin your ability to maintain customer confidence.
  • A missing document crucial to a client's project could slow progress, costing them time and money. They may decide to take their business to your competitor.

Are you trying to conduct business in the 21st-century with 20th-century tools? Contact us at ABM for document solutions designed for the way business operates today.