Document Solutions that Work for Construction Industries

construction team in office

Often when we hear about document management, it's in the context of an office, and often without connecting it to specific industries. This is especially true of 'blue collar' industries like construction. However, construction companies deal with plenty of documents and have need for efficiency, security, and better workflows. Thus, document management is a great fit for the construction industry.

Here's a peek at some of the ways document management works for construction companies.

Enhanced Collaboration

Construction jobs occur outside of the office, of course, so there is a ton of collaboration and off-site access happening every day. Document management does an excellent job of facilitating those collaborative and remote access events, from allowing for searchable or editable PDFs to easy filing of all the things needed on a particular job.

You can use document management to share documents with everyone involved on a project -- from contracts to plans to invoices -- easily and securely.

Plenty of Security

With so much sensitive information involved in any project, having a solid security plan is key. Document management offers some significant ways to boost security while making access easier. For example, you can set permissions on all documents, limit changes on a files, and see who has accessed or changed anything.

Document management makes it easy to go from paper-based processes to digital filing, creating better security overall on all your important plans and financial info.

Better Workflows and Accounting

Because there are so many wheels to set in motion at every phase of a construction job, having a program that tracks and sends each step to the correct people makes everything run more smoothly. This system helps contractors keep track of timelines and requirements, and it can be fully customized for any job or individual.

Document services also works wonders on accounting needs. It's simple to send invoices and track payments quickly and with tight security.

Find out more about document management's unique features and how they work for the construction industry. Contact us today!