Don't Overlook These Office Essentials When Starting Your New Business

copier being used by woman

Starting a new company isn't for the faint of heart, but in the United States, an average of 320 of us do so every month. That speaks well of our willingness to take on new challenges and overcome obstacles.

One challenge you'll face as a new business owner is supplying your office with the right equipment to meet your needs. Here are a few boxes you'll need to check to help get your new venture off the ground.


Many of today's entrepreneurs recognize that paper-based business processes are unnecessary, inefficient, and costly. Even so, paper is still relevant, and you'll need a solution to print and copy documents. Multifunction copiers provide in-house copying and printing, eliminating the need to spend time and money on third-party print providers. Multifunction copiers also include scanning capabilities—an essential feature if you're planning to route documents to a document management system.


For today's businesses, mobility is central to success; a document management system provides access to business documents from any location with secure internet service. As a new business, you can avoid the headaches associated with paper and begin digital processes as soon as you open your doors. A document management system provides a secure digital solution for document storage, retrieval, sharing, and editing, and collaboration.


For most of today's new small businesses, communications center around mobile devices. A mobile printing solution can give your team secure access to your multifunction copiers. Your team can print, manage, and scan documents using any compatible mobile device without concerns about unauthorized access.

Whether your new business is up and running or gearing up for a grand opening, let Advanced Business Methods help you solve your most critical equipment and services solutions. Get in touch with a team member to learn more today!