Five Top Advantages of Multifunction Copiers

Ever wonder if there's a real difference between single and multifunction copiers. While both are proficient at reproducing documents, multifunction copiers are designed to make everyday tasks more efficient. If you're going to add new equipment to your line-up this year, it's worth your time to take a look at the advantages offered by multifunction copiers.

1. Four-in-one functionality.

Multifunction copiers live up to their name; and print, copy, scan, and fax capabilities are just the beginning. SMBs, in particular, can benefit from the space-saving and financial benefits that come from combining several functions into one device.

2. Digitize your workflows.

Paperless office processes are here to stay, and businesses who are hoping to compete in an increasingly digital environment need the right equipment. Multifunction copiers are designed with digital workflow solutions already in place. Users can scan documents and route them to document management systems, to other users via email, and to a wide variety of other locations and formats.

3. Track and manage users.

Some multifunction copiers include critical administrative controls. Administrators can manage and track users, print volumes and costs, customize settings and deploy shortcuts for repetitive tasks.

4. Deploy mobile printing.

A secure mobile printing solution allows users to print from tablets and smartphones. With today's increasingly mobile workforce, a mobile printing solution increases productivity without compromising security.

5. Print with confidence.

If your group needs high-quality documents and needs them fast, multifunction copiers provide the high resolutions and output speeds required to meet your demands. Print preview functions reduce errors, and professional finishing options give your team access to a wide range of capabilities for professional results in-house.

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