Get Your Workday Back with Document Management Solutions

document solutions

Are you still on the fence when it comes to digital document solutions? Your hesitation is understandable; introducing a new strategy is risky, and what if the promised benefits never materialize?

Do More in Less Time

Document management solutions are well established as a way to save tremendous amounts of time and money and may provide a return on investment in just thirty days. Here's how your company can cash in with document management solutions.

Effortless searching

Without a robust document management solution, your employees may spend as much as 40% of their day looking for documents. When employees are forced to search through complicated or disorganized desktop folder systems, rows and rows of filing cabinets or endless email chains, they're not adding value to your company.

Document management solutions eliminate the wasted time caused by endless searching. To find information, users simply conduct a keyword search. In most cases, the required document is available in a matter of seconds.

Email is not your best option

Missing document scenarios are frustrating, time-consuming, and can have dire consequences for your company. One of the worst ways to manage information is via email, but a high number of professionals still use email to share, review and collaborate on critical documents. Here's why that's not such a great idea:

  1. Security concerns— There's no way to limit unauthorized access to documents shared via email. Document management solutions provide access controls, audit trails, and authentications to maintain confidentiality.
  2. Version control— Email offers no method for ensuring that you're viewing the latest version of a document. Document management solutions provide version control features to keep everyone on the same page.
  3. Wasted time— Searching through endless email streams for a document is hardly a good use of time. A keyword search provides the document in seconds.

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