Here's Why Your Organization Needs a Managed Print Assessment

hands holding tablet device, assessment on screen

You may not be aware of its impact, but an unstructured, hands-off approach to your print environment can lead to an alarmingly long list of inefficiencies and high costs. Since many print-related expenses fly under the radar or are redirected to other expense categories, it can be challenging for business managers and owners to gather accurate statistics. Fortunately, a managed print assessment can bring things back into focus.


An effective managed print services engagement can save your organization 30% on what you're currently spending to print documents and maintain your print fleet. For paper-centric organizations, the savings can be even higher. A managed print assessment identifies your organization's most costly inefficiencies and provides valuable solutions to bring about improvements. Here is a brief look at the steps managed print providers take to analyze print environments.

  1. Infrastructure analysis —Do you know where all of your devices are located and how well they're serving your needs? Do you know how much time remains of their service life? Managed print experts map the location and analyze the condition of each device, and follow up with recommendations for fleet right-sizing and relocating equipment to fit your needs.

  2. Data collection —With remote monitoring tools, managed print experts provide you with a cost analysis of each device in your fleet. They'll analyze usage, consumables, maintenance, parts, and repairs.

  3. Analyzing your workflows —Your workflows center around your printers, copiers, and scanners. Wherever bottlenecks exist, productivity plummets. A managed print assessment identifies pain points and matches them with solutions proven effective at correcting each one.

Are you using your print and imaging technologies to their best advantage? A managed print assessment can help you find out. Contact us at Advanced Business Methods for an informative conversation about our Managed Print Services solutions today!