How to Keep Your Copiers Happy


Do you treat your copiers with the respect they deserve? When they're working according to expectations, they help you serve customers, close business deals and meet critical deadlines. If your copiers aren't making the grade, it's possible that a little more effort on your part could make all the difference.

Respect Your Copiers

Anyone who's worked in an office setting has gone toe-to-toe with a few cantankerous copiers. What you do with them at that point can have an impact on how they perform going forward, from removing paper jams to controlling your impulse to give them a few swift kicks.

Here are a few productive tips for keeping your office copiers happy.

  1. Keep them clean. Any device works better when it's properly cleaned, and copiers are no exception. Use a clean, dry, lint-free cloth to wipe paper fibers from trays and wipe the scanning glass with an approved glass cleaner when needed. Never spray liquid onto the glass; apply to the cloth and then clean the glass. For more extensive cleaning, contact your equipment provider for service.

  2. Pay attention to your supplies. What you put in your copiers can impact their performance. Always order from your equipment provider to make sure you're getting the correct toner. After-market toner cartridges can damage your machine and even void the warranty.

  3. Paper matters. Avoid overfilling paper feed trays; a fill-level line on the inside of the tray is a better indication than volume because paper weights can vary. Store paper in a clean, dry area that is free of moisture. Any time paper picks up moisture it can buckle and cause paper jams. If a jam does occur, follow the prompts on the interface to carefully remove it.

Your copiers will perform better with periodic proactive maintenance. If yours are in need of a check-up, contact us at ABM for service.

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