How Managed Print Services Identifies and Solves Problems

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Is an unmanaged print environment driving up your operating costs? Here's how Managed Print Services can help you find out.

1. Collecting the information.

Hidden costs in your print environment are a direct result of hidden information. Managed Print Services uncovers that information to answer questions like:

  • How many multifunction systems, printers, fax machines, and scanners does our company own?
  • How many of our devices should be replaced?
  • Are our multifunction systems and printers are strategically located to maximize productivity?
  • How many of our print devices are on track for replacement?
  • Is our employee to device ratio about right, or should we add or subtract devices from our fleet?
  • How many documents do we print and copy each month?
  • Do we have a supply closet full of outdated toner cartridges?
  • How much are we spending on maintenance and repairs?
  • Are equipment downtimes frequently interrupting our work days?
  • Are we using our multifunction systems to launch document management solutions, reduce security risks, and rein in unnecessary printing?

2. Solve the problems.

Managed Print Services providers don't just ask questions; they deliver the answers to them. The benefits start adding up very quickly, including:

  • A reduced print spend by as much as 30% under your current costs.
  • Increased visibility into print volumes.
  • A right-sized fleet that isn't full of redundant and outdated equipment.
  • Improved print-related workflows.
  • Automatic supply reordering that reduces your requirement for large supply inventories.
  • Proactive maintenance to keep your devices in excellent operating condition.
  • Reduced equipment downtime.
  • Better use of multifunction systems resulting in paperless workflows, process automation, and reduced print volumes.
  • Fewer print-related security vulnerabilities.

A knowledgeable and experienced Managed Print Services partner will work with your organization to develop a customized approach to your print environment. To find out more about the advantages, contact our team at Advanced Business Methods today!