How Multifunction Copiers Help Protect Sensitive Information


Print-related security vulnerabilities could be putting your sensitive information at risk. Here's how your multifunction copiers can help protect your company from potentially devastating security breaches.

1. Rules-based printing: Can anyone in your organization pick up, read, scan, or snap a picture of sensitive company documents because they've been left unattended in a print tray? Even accidental viewing of confidential information is a violation of privacy regulations. Rules-based printing requires users to authenticate at the device to print and claim documents.

2. User passwords: Passwords protect your company's sensitive information. Use them to protect scanned documents after they've been scanned and stored in cloud repositories and folders.

3. Printer monitoring: Can you tell who has printed a document and when? Remote printer monitoring limits not only who can print a document, but also helps control costs with solutions to restrict and track printing for chargeback and accounting purposes.

4. Restricted scanning: Multifunction copiers use innovative security protocols to protect documents during scanning. Password protection for scanned PDFs limits access to authorized users only.

5. Data overwrite: Today's multifunction copiers store information on the hard drive, and yours may contain a saved image of every copy, print, scan, and fax that passed through the device. Data overwrite solutions delete information automatically or through user prompts.

6. Encryption: Your documents are vulnerable while they're at rest, but hackers know how to intercept data as it's en route to your copiers. Advanced data encryption makes your sensitive documents useless to hackers.

7. Automated cloud storage: Public cloud repositories may not be the best place for your company's sensitive documents. Restrict their use by deploying cloud-to-device automation.

There's more to learn about the security benefits of multifunction copiers. Get in touch with us at Advanced Business Methods for a consultation today!

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