Multifunction Printers—What's Not to Love?

Multi Function Printers

There's a lot to love about the latest multifunction printers to hit the office equipment market. If saving time and money sounds good to you, then plan to set aside some time for a chat with your office technology partner; there are some productivity-improving features out there you won't want to miss.


The available features on today's multifunction printers are pretty impressive, and shopping for one without any advance preparation means you may miss out on some critical capabilities. Here's a peek at what's in store.

  • Workflow solutions that can help your employees accomplish repetitive tasks a lot faster are well worth the investment.
  • Paper and toner-saving features can lower your printing expenses.
  • Print security solutions like password protection and pull printing keep your company from losing control of sensitive information.
  • Document management capabilities can replace outdated paper processes.
  • ENERGY STAR ratings and other green certifications can low your costs and carbon footprint at the same time.
  • Color printing can save on the cost of outsourcing.
  • High-volume paper trays keep projects on schedule.
  • Copy, print, and scan capabilities are givens, but consider the convenience of built-in faxing, too.


There's more than meets the eye with any office equipment acquisition, and you'll need to research beyond the sticker price to know for sure how much you'll be spending. A reputable technology provider will have partnerships with leading equipment manufacturers, and they'll also be upfront with you about the total cost of operation for your investment. And while a visit to a big-box office supply store may be convenient, you'll miss out on the quality, expertise, and support offered by a professional office technology provider.

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