Scanning with a Multifunction Printer Improves Efficiency

A multifunction printer can help you create high-quality printed documents fast, and they're a great tool for your printing needs. But did you know they're also an excellent resource for creating digital documents, as well?

Too many businesses are still operating at the speed of paper, an outdated mode that is likely to become more obsolete with time. Digital documents are the future, especially with the versatility of storage, sharing, and security that digitizing offers. Here's how to use your multifunction printer to its potential by taking advantage of the scanning feature.

Scanning Documents

Scanning is just like making a printed copy of your document; only you're making a digital copy that has much more flexibility. Your digital document can be archived, shared, stored, retrieved, emailed, faxed, or printed. It can be sent directly into workflow protocols in your document management system, or forwarded to multiple staff for collaborative edits. Whatever the reason for your scanning, your multifunction printer can simplify your office considerably.

Improve Efficiency with Scanning

When you take advantage of your multifunction printer's scanning capability, you're improving workflows and boosting efficiency.

  1. Scan documents in order to:

    • Create editable/searchable digital files of your hard copy documents
    • Share with universally viewable files like PDFs
    • Managed, distribute, and store sensitive documents
  2. Store documents electronically in order to:

    • Reduce paper usage and waste
    • Clean up office space
    • Secure documents against the vulnerabilities of paper
    • Enable fast searching and reduce data loss
  3. Manage documents electronically in order to:

    • Enhance workflows
    • Speed up processes
    • Enable remote document access
    • Utilize access control and security features
  4. Distribute documents electronically in order to:

    • Collaborate seamlessly
    • Print to network printers or email securely
    • Show full audit trail of edits and filing

A multifunction printer can revolutionize the way your office stores information. Embrace 21st-century technology by calling Advanced Business Methods today to find the multifunction printer that's right for you.