Stabilize Your Printing Costs with Managed Print Services

calculating budgets on desk

With the recent advances in print technology, more companies are doing much of their printing in-house. Along with internal printing, companies are taking advantage of user-friendly digital printers to produce marketing materials like catalogs, brochures, direct mail advertising, and wide-format signage.

More access to in-house printing means it's more important than ever to keep a close watch on print spends. The average U.S. company directs 3% of their annual income to print, but most are unaware of their total costs. Printing expenditures are often shuffled to miscellaneous expense categories, and without centralized management, companies can exceed budget parameters in a hurry.

If printing is a part of your business plan, you may want to research the advantages of partnering with a Managed Print Services provider. Here's a look at the proven benefits.

  1. Noticeable savings —Managed Print providers assess print environments to identify waste, undetected costs, and inefficiencies. Companies get the tools they need to reduce printing to job-essential materials only, using the most cost-efficient equipment for the job. The average company can expect to save 30% or more, depending on their current usage.
  2. More time for business objectives — Unless you've hired someone internally to manage your print environment, chances are good someone is multitasking to take care of your company's print-related issues. Managed Print Services engagements bring everything to do with printing under their management. And with a Managed Print Help Desk always available for your employees, your IT personnel, administrative assistants, and management teams get more time to spend on mission-critical responsibilities.
  3. Less downtime —Managed Print technicians keep your equipment operational—a substantial benefit for companies who rely heavily on their printers and copiers for critical print jobs.

Are your printing costs on budget? Get help finding out with a Managed Print Services analysis from Advanced Business Methods today!