Streamline Your Office with a Multifunction Printer

taking paper from multifunction printer

A quick look around your office may reveal a surprising combination of equipment. You may have a desktop inkjet printer (or two or three), a small copier, a document scanner, and an aging fax machine that inconveniently takes up a lot more room that it should. While you may have a need for each of the devices in your equipment fleet, there's a way to get rid of every one of them without missing out on any functions and even gaining several new ones.

The Lowdown on Multifunction Printers

You could continue to stick with a hodgepodge of office equipment, but a little time spent learning how multifunction printers work may convince you to do a little streamlining. Multifunction printers are an ingenious combination of printer, copier, scanner, and fax in one piece of equipment. The benefits are worth further investigation.

  1. Save some space. You may have grown accustomed to equipment and cord clutter, but there are distinct advantages to freeing up some office space. Instead of dealing with four, five, six, or even more isolated technology islands, wouldn't it be great to combine them all into one space-saving and highly efficient device?
  2. Save some money. No matter how you look at it, a fleet of equipment costs more money than one machine. The savings run the gamut from maintenance and supplies to energy consumption. Both your bottom line and the environment will thank you.
  3. Save some time. One centralized equipment station means fewer steps each day. Multifunction printers provide basic printing, scanning, and faxing, and they're also a launch point for paperless document management.

Ready to save time, money, and office space? Today's multifunction printers won't let you down. Get in touch with a team member at Advanced Business Methods to find out more today!