Uncover Hidden Expenses With Managed Print


It can be challenging to put your finger on printing costs, but underestimating them is common. Managed Print Services assessments often uncover hidden costs and expenses that range from 1% to 3% of annual revenues. Here's where many of those unmanaged expenses originate.

1. Paper and toner

You may know how much you're spending on paper—the answer is there at the bottom of your monthly invoice. The hidden costs are in the paper at the bottom of your trash cans and recycling bins every day. Wasteful printing is a top offender in an unmanaged print environment, but a Managed Print Services solution can begin addressing the issue of both paper and toner waste.

2. Hardware

It may seem like a cost-saving measure to hang onto your aging copiers and printers, but the long-term costs may be higher than you realize. Frequent repairs and expensive parts can drive up costs, and at some point, the cost of operation can exceed the cost of leasing or purchasing new equipment.

A Managed Print Services assessment of your printer fleet will eliminate devices that aren't adding value to your fleet. With service, support, and parts included in many Managed Print Services agreements, your company's total spend for device management may be significantly less.

3. IT resources

Your IT team may be the go-to resource for print-related issues, but is it in their job description? Partnering with a Managed Print Services provider means your IT personnel can hand over print fleet management and get back to their core objectives.

4. Print security

With security risks an ongoing concern for organizations of all sizes, the last thing you need is print security vulnerabilities. A Managed Print assessment can pinpoint and correct print security issues across your fleet.

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