Use Your Multifunction Printer to Protect Your Data

printer security

There’s a lot to love about multifunction printers. MFPs are all-in-one devices that print, scan, fax, and more, but they also offer a range of benefits for any office. In addition to handling workflows and offering up technology like searchable PDFs, you can also leverage your MFP to get a handle on security.

Take Control

If you’re not using your MFP’s security features, it’s time to take a look at the risks that might be lurking. MFPs offer powerful tools that give you control over your business’ data.

  1. Implement security features

Every user of the MFPs in your office should have a login, and they should use that log in every time they interact with the device. For example, using authentication features for printing means that sensitive documents aren’t automatically sent to the tray: the user must enter their login to release the prints. This reduces the risk of sensitive info falling into the wrong hands.

       2. Deter hackers

Don’t let your MFP be an easy target. Take precautions that are specifically meant to deter malicious attacks. One easy example is the password: have you updated the default password to something more secure? If not, it’s simple for a hacker to access. Be sure to keep firmware updated, too.

       3. Secure data

Your data should always be encrypted for security reasons. That includes anything sent to the printer and anything on the hard drive as well. And, when it’s time to get rid of the printer, clear out everything before you say goodbye.

A simple way to ensure top-level security and functionality of your MFP is with a Managed Print Service. This service helps you make security top priority, and it helps you save money, in the long run, thanks to better functioning devices and higher efficiency.

To find out more about what a multifunction printer can do, or to learn about managed print, contact us today!