Who's Managing Your Print Infrastructure?

holding paperwork

Are you managing your printer fleet on your own? Or perhaps it's not being managed at all? Either way, you're probably spending money too much to print documents, and you could be directing those revenues toward capital projects.

Managed print services are the solution many businesses choose to get printing costs back where they should be. Here's how managed print services providers can help you get the most value from your print infrastructure.

Help your employees help you save money.

With no printing guidelines, employees often make decisions that aren't in the company's best interest, usually without realizing it. Managed print services can help by first determining your current print volumes. From there, managed print providers decide what solutions you need in place to:

  • Reduce printing to business-essential usage only.
  • Restrict color printing.
  • Implement pull printing capabilities to reduce the number of uncollected documents and abandoned print jobs.
  • Set printers to default draft modes, duplexing, and monochrome only.
  • Send print jobs to the most cost-effective device for the required task.
  • Set departmental and individual limits.
  • Choose digital alternatives to printing.

Help your employees stay on task.

When employees get tapped on the shoulder to troubleshoot printers, order toner, or figure out what type of equipment their department needs, they're not spending time on their core responsibilities. IT personnel are often the most called-upon for printer issues—a problem that takes them away from pressing IT issues.

Managed print services technicians have one job to do, and it's to keep your printer fleet optimized. By letting MPS providers take over the day-to-day management of your fleet, your employees are free to concentrate on their areas of expertise.

When someone else is watching over your print environment, you can give your attention to growing your company. Contact us at ABM to get started today!