Why Make the Switch to Digital Document Solutions?

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The paperless office may not be 100% attainable just yet, but it is possible to reduce your company's dependence on paper processes. Here's why you should begin making the switch to digital document solutions and how to start making the transition.

Why Switch to Digital Document Solutions?

Lower costs improved productivity, and preparing for the future are three compelling reasons to move away from paper.

  1. Improve productivity. Paper processes take more time and are a source of errors, redundancies, and high costs. Digital document solutions make creating, storing, retrieving and sharing documents fast and easy.
  2. Prepare for the future. A paper-dependent business will be at a decided disadvantage going into the future. More and more companies are transitioning to digital document solutions, preferring electronic document management, signatures, and financial transactions over more traditional paper processes.

A Streamlined Transition

A successful transition begins with a plan. To avoid common pain points, we recommend starting small and adding new document solutions as you move forward.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the available applications. Document management software varies, so be sure to consult with your technology provider to find the document solutions that work best for your organization.
  2. Switch to e-signatures. Paper signatures are on the way out, and digital signatures are now legally binding. You'll save on printing costs and speed up contracts and approvals.
  3. Replace old technology. Digital document solutions will require access to a multifunction copier or scanner.
  4. Scan incoming documents. You may be worried about those boxes of archived documents, but for now, it's more important to scan new documents as they arrive in your system.

Transitioning to electronic document management solutions isn't as difficult as most people think, and you'll be glad you made the switch. Contact us at Advanced Business to learn more.