Why Make the Switch to Digital Document Solutions?

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The paperless office may not be 100% attainable just yet, but it is possible to reduce your company's dependence on paper processes. Here's why you should begin making the switch to digital document solutions and how to start making the transition.

Why Switch to Digital Document Solutions?

Lower costs improved productivity, and preparing for the future are three compelling reasons to move away from paper.

How to Keep Your Copiers Happy


Do you treat your copiers with the respect they deserve? When they're working according to expectations, they help you serve customers, close business deals and meet critical deadlines. If your copiers aren't making the grade, it's possible that a little more effort on your part could make all the difference.

Respect Your Copiers

Anyone who's worked in an office setting has gone toe-to-toe with a few cantankerous copiers. What you do with them at that point can have an impact on how they perform going forward, from removing paper jams to controlling your impulse to give them a few swift kicks.

Here are a few productive tips for keeping your office copiers happy.

3 Reasons Business Leaders Choose Managed Print Services


Are you thinking about signing on with a managed print services provider? That's a smart move for your business, and the reasons for a managed print partnership don't end at lower print costs.

More to Gain

Businesses and organizations typically engage the services of a managed print provider to save money on printing costs. In fact, some paper-intensive sectors like the legal and healthcare industries see print-related cost reductions as high as 40% or even more.

Saving money is certainly a good enough reason to give a managed print a try, but we thought you'd like to know about some of the other advantages.

3 Reasons to Upgrade to Multifunction Printers

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Multifunction printers (also called multifunction copiers or all-in-ones) are becoming standard equipment in today's office setting. If you haven't made the switch from single-function devices to high-functioning multifunction printers, here's why you'll want to look into an upgrade soon.

Meet Your New Office Assistant

Can't afford to hire a new assistant? Multifunction printers are almost as good as a new hire, with workflow benefits that are hard to miss.

Four functions in one.

Multifunction printers are engineered to accomplish several tasks at once. With copy, print, scan, and fax available on one device, your employees can accomplish more tasks in less time. True multifunction printers won't make employees wait in a queue before performing a task; they are sophisticated multitasking units that can perform more than one function at a time.

Document Management Solutions to Eliminate Process Pain Points

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Are you wasting valuable employee hours each day trying to manage and control your documents? Process failures and inefficiencies are often the driving force behind high operational costs. Fortunately, highly efficient document solutions are available to solve your most frustrating process issues.

Recognize These Process Failures?

Document mismanagement is a common issue, especially in organizations relying heavily on paper processes. Do any of the situations below sound familiar?

3 Proven Ways to Protect Your Copiers


Modern copiers are complicated machines that require a regular maintenance routine to keep them in good operating condition. Here's how to get the best return on your investment.

Keep them clean.

Dirty oil in your car's engine can bring on unwanted consequences, and so can dirt in the inner-workings of your copiers. For deep cleaning or service, contact your equipment provider. In the meantime, there's plenty you can do to keep dust and grime from ruining your documents and your copiers.

How Will Managed Print Services Benefit Your Business?

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Is a Managed Print Services engagement right for your organization? Here's an overview of the steps MPS providers take to deliver savings and efficiencies:

  1. Determine your current condition. No two companies are the same, and no two print environments are the same either. A managed print provider worthy of the name will conduct a thorough assessment of your current condition, determining your print volumes, the status of your equipment, how your employees use your fleet, and how you acquire new devices and replenish supplies.

How to Find the Right Multifunction Printers for Your Office

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Today's multifunction printers can make your company's daily workflows a whole lot easier than they are now. If it's been a while since you've had a look, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the latest in multifunction technologies. Here's how to begin choosing the right device for your needs.


How many documents do your employees print or copy in the average month? If you're not sure, your equipment provider can help with a Managed Print Services assessment. The number is important, because print speeds and volumes vary widely, and there's no reason to lease or purchase high-volume multifunction printers when smaller units may be a better fit for your requirements.

Document Management Solutions for the 21st-Century

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Losing a business document is no laughing matter. The consequences range from inconvenience and frustration to tense situations involving the loss of confidential information or documents critical to a business deal. In nearly every situation, your business loses.

Your company needs 21sth-century document solutions designed to meet the needs of an increasingly digital work environment and address the ongoing problem of lost or misfiled information.

Document Management Benefits

Cloud-based document solutions that bypass paper-caused inefficiencies are readily available, and they'll eliminate most of the document-handling problems you're currently facing. Here's a look at the advantages of electronic document management.

How Multifunction Copiers Help Protect Sensitive Information


Print-related security vulnerabilities could be putting your sensitive information at risk. Here's how your multifunction copiers can help protect your company from potentially devastating security breaches.

1. Rules-based printing: Can anyone in your organization pick up, read, scan, or snap a picture of sensitive company documents because they've been left unattended in a print tray? Even accidental viewing of confidential information is a violation of privacy regulations. Rules-based printing requires users to authenticate at the device to print and claim documents.

2. User passwords: Passwords protect your company's sensitive information. Use them to protect scanned documents after they've been scanned and stored in cloud repositories and folders.


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