Are You Paying Too Much to Print?

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You know how much you spend on office space and employee salaries, but do you have a solid number for printing costs? For many organizations, their annual print spend is their third highest operating cost, so it's worth investigating.

Are You Paying Too Much?

In the same way, you wouldn't unknowingly pay extra for rent and labor, careful management of your print environment can keep you from paying too much for printing. Here's how to find out if hidden costs are driving up your print spend and how Managed Print Services addresses the issue.

How many devices are in your fleet?

3 Reasons to Make the Switch to a Multifunction Printer

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Multifunction printers have become standard office equipment for many organizations, and it's easy to see why business decision makers consistently choose them over other options. For starters, multifunction printers live up to their name, providing multiple capabilities on one device. And that's just the beginning.

If you're considering new equipment for your busy workgroup, here are three reasons why you'll want to take a closer look at the benefits of multifunction printers.

1. Save on office space.

Even in companies with spacious offices, device and cord clutter begin to take over the room, especially when no one is managing the print environment. And if you're using desk space for desktop printers, scanners, and fax machines, your employees may be hard-pressed to find enough room to do their jobs well.

Get Your Workday Back with Document Management Solutions

document solutions

Are you still on the fence when it comes to digital document solutions? Your hesitation is understandable; introducing a new strategy is risky, and what if the promised benefits never materialize?

Do More in Less Time

Document management solutions are well established as a way to save tremendous amounts of time and money and may provide a return on investment in just thirty days. Here's how your company can cash in with document management solutions.

Effortless searching

Without a robust document management solution, your employees may spend as much as 40% of their day looking for documents. When employees are forced to search through complicated or disorganized desktop folder systems, rows and rows of filing cabinets or endless email chains, they're not adding value to your company.

Get More Value from Your Copiers with Professional Finishing Options


Are you getting a satisfactory ROI from your multifunction copiers? If you're not using all of the functions to their full capability, the answer is probably no.

In addition to the wide variety of document management and other digital solutions, multifunction copiers include an assortment of professional document finishing capabilities. Learning how to use them can save your company money and even ramp up your marketing game.

Here's a rundown of the most common finishing features found on multifunction copiers and the benefits they can bring to your organization.

Mitigate Security Risks with Your Multifunction Printers


You heard plenty about the high-profile security breaches that impacted large corporations last year, but there's something else you may not have heard. Nearly half of malicious phishing attempts weren't targeting big businesses, and you need to be prepared.

Minimize Your Risks

It's a challenge keeping your head above water in a highly-competitive economy, and the last thing you need is a catastrophic data breach. The latest threats center around multifunction printers, but there's plenty your company can do to mitigate your print security risks.

Look for these features to protect the information that flows through your office's multifunction printers.

Document Solutions for the Digital Age

document solutions

Today's electronic document solutions can do a lot more than just convert paper documents to digitized versions. At their most basic level, digital document solutions like document management are comprised of three basic functions: capturing, storing, and distributing information.

Here's a snapshot of how most document management solutions work and the benefits they deliver to your day-to-day processes.

Five Top Advantages of Multifunction Copiers

Ever wonder if there's a real difference between single and multifunction copiers. While both are proficient at reproducing documents, multifunction copiers are designed to make everyday tasks more efficient. If you're going to add new equipment to your line-up this year, it's worth your time to take a look at the advantages offered by multifunction copiers.

1. Four-in-one functionality.

Multifunction copiers live up to their name; and print, copy, scan, and fax capabilities are just the beginning. SMBs, in particular, can benefit from the space-saving and financial benefits that come from combining several functions into one device.

Uncover Hidden Expenses With Managed Print


It can be challenging to put your finger on printing costs, but underestimating them is common. Managed Print Services assessments often uncover hidden costs and expenses that range from 1% to 3% of annual revenues. Here's where many of those unmanaged expenses originate.

1. Paper and toner

You may know how much you're spending on paper—the answer is there at the bottom of your monthly invoice. The hidden costs are in the paper at the bottom of your trash cans and recycling bins every day. Wasteful printing is a top offender in an unmanaged print environment, but a Managed Print Services solution can begin addressing the issue of both paper and toner waste.

Choosing the Best Printer for Your Workgroup

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If you're in the market for a new office printer or copier this year, you have a lot of decisions to make. With printing still an important business requirement, you want equipment that keeps up with your requirements without wasting your money on features you'll never use. Let's look at some of the industry's current offerings in an effort to help streamline your printer or copier selection process.

Benefits of laser printers

A networked laser printer is a viable option for many small businesses. The initial cost may be somewhat higher than a desktop inkjet printer, but the total cost of ownership will be less. Laser printers deliver sharp black-and-white text, but if photo printing is a business essential, a wireless inkjet printer is a better option for high-quality color prints.


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