Feeding and Finishing

a stack of magazines that has passed through a finishing machine

Prepare Your Documents Faster

At Advanced Business Methods, one of our top priorities is helping you get your documents ready faster. Our feeding and finishing equipment lets you do just that.

Available Feeding and Finishing Equipment

ABM can supply you with a wide range of feeding and finishing equipment, including:


We offer a variety of powerful, efficient, secure document shredders. We have:

  • Deskside shredders that can destroy both paper and CDs or DVDs
  • Centralized office shredders that have different security levels and reduce feet of paper to millimeter-sized particles within seconds
  • High capacity shredders that can handle hardbound books and binders

Folders and Creasers

ABM also has devices that can fold tens of thousands of pages per hour. You can also purchase equipment that delivers thousands of creased and perforated sheets per hour. They can create folds and creases of various sizes and are easy to maintain.

Cutters and Trimmers

You can choose from a variety of advanced, extremely safe cutters and trimmers as well. You can make reliably precise cuts and avoid getting hurt while you do it.

Digital Finishing Solutions

ABM’s stock of finishing equipment also includes all-in-one digital finishing systems. These state-of-the-art machines can handle several different types of stock without marking or damaging them.

More Production Print Equipment

ABM’s Production Print offerings cover a variety of outstanding production printing hardware:

To discuss how our equipment can meet your printing and finishing needs,