Multifunction Copiers

Multifunction Copiers in Fargo & Minot

Top Productivity for Your Office

Business people always want to get more stuff done faster. Advanced Business Methods’ multifunction copiers let you do just that.

Copiers - Individual Machines that Do the Work of Several

ABM’s Canon, Savin, and HP copiers combine the features of these office machines (that’s why some manufacturers call them All-in-One or 4-in-1 machines):


Our multifunction copiers deliver high-quality prints with outstanding speed. High print resolutions ensure that each page has readable text and clean, detailed images.


These machines can copy documents as quickly as they print them. The copies will look just as good as the originals too.


ABM’s multifunction copiers have advanced scanning capabilities as well. You can scan dozens of pages in a single go. No need to flip the pages over either—our devices can scan both sides of a page simultaneously.

On top of their duplex scanning abilities, our multifunction copiers have superior dpi resolutions. This enables them to capture crucial details in your documents without fail or error.

You can create electronic files in such formats as:

  • Searchable PDF
  • JPEG
  • TIFF

Fax Machine

After you’ve scanned a document, you can send the digital file out to a bunch of different places:

Other Office Systems

ABM has other Office Systems to help you work better. If you just need a solid network printer, we’ve got plenty of those. We have a variety of first-rate standalone scanners too. Check out our pages on those devices to learn more.

Want to discuss whether or not our multifunction copiers are a good fit for your workplace?