Printer Monitoring

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Let Us Watch Your Printers & Copiers

Keeping a close watch over your printer fleet is vital. But of course, your IT staff may have a lot on their plate on any given day. With Printer Monitoring, Advanced Business Methods’ crew can keep an eye on your processes so you can focus on other tasks.



What Do You Get with Printer Monitoring?

Printer Monitoring comes with a variety of outstanding benefits for your workplace. They include:

Highly Convenient Data Collection

Our monitoring solution collects meter reads for all of your copiers and other devices. We can also gather usage data that will give you valuable insights into your current printing practices. You’ll be able to see:

  • Who’s using your printers
  • What these people are printing
  • Which printers are being over- or under-utilized

Opportunities for Optimization

With our information and document management expertise, you’ll gain the ability to modify your printing practices to maximize productivity. For example, you’ll learn whether or not you could:

  • Set restrictions on who uses your devices and how they use them
  • Instill a greater sense of responsibility in your workforce
  • Reduce or prevent excessive printing and associated expenses

Prompt Alerts and Error Reporting

When your printers malfunction or break down, you can report these issues with no effort. You can also get service alerts on issues as soon as they arise.

More on Managed Print Services

ABM’s Managed Print Services let you fine-tune your printing practices in other ways:

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