Rules Based Printing

Woman and man standing over copier

Make the Rules for Your Copier & Printer Fleet

To operate effectively every day, you need the ability to regulate how people use your equipment and information. Advanced Business Methods offers a Rules-Based Printing solution that lets you:

  • Make your printing expenses lower and more consistent
  • Monitor activity on your printer fleet
  • Improve the security of your important information

Control Who, What, Where and When

ABM’s Rules-Based Printing solution gives you the power to:

Monitor and Control Costs

You can see exactly how much your workplace spends on printing. You can track:

  • Print/copy expenses per user, project or department
  • Costs relating to color printing

From there, you can set up restrictions that will rein in excessive printing. You could even create a new revenue stream by charging back your print expenses to specific users or groups.

Route Print Jobs Effectively

You can print to any copier or printer in your workplace. If one printer isn’t working, you can simply head to another one and release the job.

Print Securely

At the same time, our solution protects your information. You can keep documents from going to the wrong people either by accident or malicious intent. Only authorized users will be able to pick up printed documents.

More Workflow Solutions

ABM’s other Workflow Solutions make it possible for your office to work better day in and day out:

  • Our Document Management solutions give you the power to save, find, and distribute your important files with amazing ease and efficiency.
  • Our Mobile Printing solution lets you print both in the office and out with minimum risks and headaches.

If you’d like to discuss how our Rules-Based Printing solution can optimize your printing processes,