a man placing a document into a digital scanner

Take the Digital Business World by Storm

Nowadays, document scanning is a fundamental business process. Advanced Business Methods’ scanners let you convert your paper files to digital ones quickly and with minimal mistakes.

Scan Documents of all Shapes and Sizes

ABM has the hardware to meet document scanning needs of all shapes and sizes:

Personal/Portable Scanners

Our portable document scanners are ideal if you need to capture documents at a lot of places—at home, at the office, wherever!

ABM has models that can fit into most briefcases easily and scan without wasting time downloading drivers or apps. Features like duplex scanning and high dpi resolutions ensure that you don’t miss any important details or data.

Workgroup Scanners

ABM also offers workgroup scanners to maximize productivity in your office. These advanced devices let you scan hundreds of pages or images in a matter of minutes. Our models come with special features like:

  • Dedicated Business Card Scanning
  • ADF Batch Scanning
  • Three-Dimensional Color Correction
  • Advanced Text Enhancement
  • Document Imaging Software (includes Canon CapturePerfect, Kofax VRS, BizCard Reader SE)

Check Transport Devices

Our Check Transport devices allow you to process large volumes of checks in very little time. They can handle tens of thousands of checks every day. Features like deskew, double-feed detection and built-in joggers help you avoid annoying—and counterproductive—processing errors.

Wide Format Scanning Equipment

ABM has Wide Format Systems with scanning capabilities. Not only can you print great-looking, error-free blueprints and CAD drawings, you can also capture them and distribute them digitally.

Other Office Systems

ABM’s other Office Systems can help boost your office’s productivity:

  • Our network printers deliver first-rate documents in little time and with little waste.
  • If you need to print, scan and copy documents on a daily basis, one of our copiers might be just what you’re looking for.

Want to know which of our scanners would best meet your digital document needs?