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Prioritize Collaboration with Document Management

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Communication. Cooperation. Collaboration. All three are essential if your business is going to succeed. The most successful organizations prioritize communication, and they deploy document solutions designed to enable collaboration from any location.

Promote Collaboration

A document management strategy is among the most effective technology solutions your business can adopt. If your employees can't get at your information, collaboration can't even get off the ground.

Here's how electronic document management solutions promote collaboration.

  • Securely access documents at any time and from any location with internet service.

  • Include remote employees or those out of the office in critical project decisions.

Document Solutions that Work for Construction Industries

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Often when we hear about document management, it's in the context of an office, and often without connecting it to specific industries. This is especially true of 'blue collar' industries like construction. However, construction companies deal with plenty of documents and have need for efficiency, security, and better workflows. Thus, document management is a great fit for the construction industry.

Here's a peek at some of the ways document management works for construction companies.

Enhanced Collaboration

Construction jobs occur outside of the office, of course, so there is a ton of collaboration and off-site access happening every day. Document management does an excellent job of facilitating those collaborative and remote access events, from allowing for searchable or editable PDFs to easy filing of all the things needed on a particular job.

Are Your Paper Processes Slowing You Down?

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Which of these processes is causing inefficiencies in your office?

  1. Incoming documents — Each document that shows up in your organization goes through a process to get into the correct workflow or to a specific individual.

For example, when your company brings a new employee on board, HR processes are heavy on documentation. If you're using paper, each document must be created, copied, sorted, and processed for filing. Additionally, the employee may require a personal copy of many of the records relating to not only his role in the company, but benefit enrollment forms, tax forms, and others.

Document Solutions for a New Era

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Are your document solutions on track with the 21st-century, or are you still pushing around paper? Unfortunately, when it comes to conducting business in a digital economy, companies who rely on paper documents may as well be stuck in the 1970s. Take a look at some of the advantages electronic document management solutions could provide for your business.

Store every document in one place.

You may think you have everything in one place, but when was the last time you retrieved a filed paper document in three seconds flat? Aside from the hard copy that's sitting right in front of them, locating filed information takes your employees up to two and a half hours each day, including that desktop filing system they're trying to manage.

Your Document Solutions Have a Direct Impact on Your Success

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Are inefficient processes keeping your business from succeeding? Your documents may seem mostly irrelevant to your success, but the truth is quite the opposite. Here's how inefficient workflows may be keeping you from reaching your goals.


Document management solutions that don't rely on paper are far more efficient and cost-effective than traditional processes. They allow companies to reduce the time and money required to create, duplicate, store, and access their documents. Electronic document management solutions are the best way for your organization to accomplish growth in the coming years.

Why Make the Switch to Digital Document Solutions?

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The paperless office may not be 100% attainable just yet, but it is possible to reduce your company's dependence on paper processes. Here's why you should begin making the switch to digital document solutions and how to start making the transition.

Why Switch to Digital Document Solutions?

Lower costs improved productivity, and preparing for the future are three compelling reasons to move away from paper.

Document Management Solutions to Eliminate Process Pain Points

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Are you wasting valuable employee hours each day trying to manage and control your documents? Process failures and inefficiencies are often the driving force behind high operational costs. Fortunately, highly efficient document solutions are available to solve your most frustrating process issues.

Recognize These Process Failures?

Document mismanagement is a common issue, especially in organizations relying heavily on paper processes. Do any of the situations below sound familiar?

Document Management Solutions for the 21st-Century

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Losing a business document is no laughing matter. The consequences range from inconvenience and frustration to tense situations involving the loss of confidential information or documents critical to a business deal. In nearly every situation, your business loses.

Your company needs 21sth-century document solutions designed to meet the needs of an increasingly digital work environment and address the ongoing problem of lost or misfiled information.

Document Management Benefits

Cloud-based document solutions that bypass paper-caused inefficiencies are readily available, and they'll eliminate most of the document-handling problems you're currently facing. Here's a look at the advantages of electronic document management.

Get Your Workday Back with Document Management Solutions

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Are you still on the fence when it comes to digital document solutions? Your hesitation is understandable; introducing a new strategy is risky, and what if the promised benefits never materialize?

Do More in Less Time

Document management solutions are well established as a way to save tremendous amounts of time and money and may provide a return on investment in just thirty days. Here's how your company can cash in with document management solutions.

Effortless searching

Without a robust document management solution, your employees may spend as much as 40% of their day looking for documents. When employees are forced to search through complicated or disorganized desktop folder systems, rows and rows of filing cabinets or endless email chains, they're not adding value to your company.

Document Solutions for the Digital Age

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Today's electronic document solutions can do a lot more than just convert paper documents to digitized versions. At their most basic level, digital document solutions like document management are comprised of three basic functions: capturing, storing, and distributing information.

Here's a snapshot of how most document management solutions work and the benefits they deliver to your day-to-day processes.


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